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Use of Clubhouse for Private Parties / Events

Creekside Landing HOA makes the Clubhouse available for private use by our residents.  There is a small fee for this process along with a deposit.  All cleanup to the clubhouse post event is the responsibility of the resident making the reservation.  This is on a first come / first served basis.

Reservations for the clubhouse are made via:
  • Contacting UPA via phone
  • Downloading the reservation form supplied here and mailing it to UPA
  • Submitting the reservation request via-E-Mail (Requires deposit mailed to UPA) via the form below
The calendar shows the dates that scheduled activities / reservations are already complete.

Creekside Landing Clubhouse Reservation Request

Filling in this information and pressing the submit button creates and send an E-Mail to UPA with your request.  UPA will then contact you once they receive the E-Mail message.

First Name: *

Last Name: *

Address Street 1: *

Daytime Phone: *

Evening Phone:

Purpose *

Requested Date:

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